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Brewery Historians


Pennsylvania's Brewing Heritage

Since 1980

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PA Brewery Historians

Brewery Tours

PA Preservation

U.S.A. Preservation

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Sad But True


Colonial Brewing


More About Us

18th Philadelphia Brewery Tour BCCA CAN-VENTION

Gretz Brewery

Standing Brewery Buildings


and Unpreserved

The Goundie House in Bethlehem

Deconstructing Dubois

Podcast “Over Beers – Rich Wagner” September 14, 2018

Link to Blog.

Carolyn “Beer Fox” Smagalski reports on Pumpkin Ale brewed at Peter Wentz Farmstead on October 10, 2009



Philadelphia Brewery Tour Revisited YouTube Videos

Germania Brewery Now Johnstown Museum

Brewery Preservation, the KEG, Spring 2004

ArchaeologyChristian Springs Brewery

Demolition Begins at the Old Ortlieb's Brewery

June 2013 Free Library Exhibition “Browse and Brews”

Digital component of the Exhibit.

Check out the “Table of Contents” for more images.



Philadelphia Brewery Tour

Remnants of Goenner Brewery Now Art Works in Johnstown

Schmidt's Complex Razed

West Laurel Hill Cemetery


Beer Barons


October 2010


And Laurel Hill Cemetery

the KEG Fall 2011


October 2011


Carolyn Smagalski from Bella Online on WLHC Event May 19, 2012

Camden County Historical Society September 23, 2006

Audio and Video Files

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Pittsburgh Brewery Tour

Class & Nachod Brewery On Temple's Campus


E. Robinson's Sons Brewery Razed

Otto's Pub and Brewery new location in State College, PA features breweriana and banners depicting PA breweries. See images and history of each.

The Making of a Colonial Brewer

  List of Known Embossed Philadelphia Brewery Beer Bottles


Lehigh Valley Brewery Tour 


Brew House of the Goenner Brewery Razed

Chronology of Technology of Philadelphia's Brewing Industry Exhibit at Art in the Age

March 2009

Washington Crossing State Park October 19, 2003

 Using American Breweries II to Date Bottles 


 Luzerne-Lackawanna Brewery Tour

Bergdoll Brewery



Tube City Brewery Razed

Walking Tour Early Philadelphia Breweries and Taverns

Washington Crossing State Park October 20, 2002



  South-Central PA Tour

Scheidt Brewery Now Office Park



Hohenadel Brewery in East Falls Razed




How We Saved the Stegmaier







Eberhardt & Ober Brewery: Home To Penn Brewery








 Bube's Brewery





Upcoming Events

Friday January 17, 2020 7:00-10:00 PM Celebrate “Prohibition 100 Years” at the National Liberty Museum. As part of the festivities I will be presenting“Philadelphia Breweries During Prohibition.”


New in Print:

by Rich Wagner (History Press 2012)

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Flickr Collections

Philadelphia Brewery Architects and Engineers

Latin American Beer Bottles (Prosser Collection)

Beer Barons Tour West Laurel Hill/Laurel Hill Cemeteries

Teaching Breweries and Pilot Plants

Brewing the Old Fashioned Way


Brewery Museums and Breweriana Exhibits

Flickr Albums

Otto C. Wolf Brewery Architect and Engineer

A.C. Wagner Brewery Architect and Engineer

Philadelphia Craft Breweriana Exhibit National Brewery Museum

Outdoor Beer Storage Tanks

Minhas Brewery Museum Monroe, Wisconsin

Schmidt's and Brewerytown Philadelphia Exhibits National Brewery Museum

Rich Wagner's Exhibitsat the National Brewery Museum 2008-12

Free Library Exhibit: Schmidt's of Philadelphia and Brewerytown

Dubuque Star Brewery, Winery and Museum

Philadelphia History Museum Exhibit on Philadelphia Breweries

Archeology at Christian Springs Brewery

Rennig's Lehigh Mountain Brewery

Walter Grieves 1803 Brewery Day 1

Walter Grieves 1803 Brewery Day 2

Brewing at Pioneer Village Toronto

Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy, PA

Brew House at Pennsbury Manor

Stegmaier Brewery Success Story in Preservation

Eberhardt & Ober/Penn Brewery Pittsburgh

Niagara Teaching Brewery Ontario

UW Madison Fermentation Laboratory

West Laurel Hill Beer Barons Cemetery Tour 2010

Laurel Hill/West Laurel Hill Beer Barons Cemetery Tour 2011

Laurel Hill/West Laurel Hill Beer Barons Cemetery Tour 2012

Beer and Pretzels Berks County Historical Society Exhibit

Roll Out the Barrel Historic Bethlehem Exhibition

Terra Haute Brewery/Brewpub/Museum

Otto's Brewery and Restaurant Breweriana Display State College, PA

Rich Wagner's Label Art

Scene at Festival Pier, Delaware Avenue and Spring Garden Street September 2, 2008.


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