Success Stories:

Scheidt Brewery


Here are some "Before" and "After" photographs of the Scheidt brewery in Norristown. The black and white images were taken in August of 1981. Note the For Sale sign on the top of the brew house. The color photographs were taken on Thanksgiving day, 2001.

The Scheidt brewery is a familiar landmark in Norristown. It remained in business from 1870-1975 and was famous for its Valley Forge Beer, Prior Double Dark and Rams Head Ale. Fortunately it has been developed into an office park called the Stony Creek Office Center. The jolly fellow holding the beer bottles is not surprisingly atop the Bottling House. This is some of the best preserved brewery architecture in Pennsylvania! For more information see: Toll & Schwager. Montgomery county: the Second Hundred Years v.2 "Industry." p. 1339, 1983; and McLaughlin, Joseph. "The Adam Scheidt Brewing Company." Bulletin of the Historical Society of Montgomery County Pennsylvania. Vol. XXV No. 3. Fall 1986.

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