Philadelphia Brewery Tour Revisited Videos

I presented The Philadelphia Brewery Tour Revisited at Yards Brewing Company on Saturday September 16, 2006. It was the first PowerPoint presentation I ever made that contained video data. Video work by Mike Wampole who also videotaped my Lehigh Valley and Luzerne/Lackawanna tours. I posted the first stop at Schmidt’s from Philadelphia Brewery Tour I in 1987 on YouTube a while back. That actually involved digitizing the image from Beta tape! Since then, I've posted the other videos that were included in the PowerPoint presentation. They are a real piece of Philadelphia's brewing history. Enjoy!

Links to YouTube Videos

Tour I Schmidt's 1987

Tour I Bergner & Engel Stable in Brewerytown 1987

Tour I Germania Brewing Company's Opera House on Broad Street 1987

Tour I Weisbrod & Hess Brewery Complex 1987

Tour VII Dock Street Brewery & Restaurant 1994

Tour VII Samuel Adams Brew House 1994

Tour IX Morris Brewery Vaults beneath the Castings Condominiums 1996

Tour X Finkenauer Brewery Stables 1997

Tour X Independence Brewing Company 1997

Tour X Poor Henry's Brewpub 1997

Tour X Red Bell Brewing Company 1997

Tour XI Yards Brewing Company Plant #2 (part 1) 1997

Tour XI Yards Brewing Company Plant #2 (part 2) 1997

Tour XI Yards Brewing Company Plant #2 (part 3) 1997

Tour XI Yards Brewing Company Plant #2 (part 4) 1997