Success Stories:

Penn Brewery - Eberhardt & Ober

The Penn Brewery began at this location in 1987. It is housed in the old Eberhardt & Ober (PA 649) brewery buildings on Pittsburgh's north side. The north side was known as Allegheny City until the turn of the century. It was also called "Deutschtown" and was home to a number of breweries. Penn Brewery retains the same ABII number (PA 649) since it's in the same location as Eberhardt & Ober. E & O was the second to the last of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company branches (of which there were 21) to close which left the Iron City branch as the only one left. At top left is a view of the building taken in October of 1981. To the right is a view today. The other two black and white photographs were taken by Rich Dochter in the summer of 1982 and show the condition of the property when we explored it twenty years ago. It had last been used as a warehouse for Paragon Foods and the sign in the picture at bottom left is now a doorway to the beer hall. This is truly a success story in brewery architecture preservation especially since it is being reused as a brewery. Visit the Penn Brewery website.


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