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Updated 12-28-203


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·         PHILADELPHIA BREWERIES 1896 (PB96) features 54 breweries which appeared in a souvenir book published by the United States Brewers Association for their convention. Originally published in 1988, the poster has been re-issued and features 14 breweries that did not appear on the original. Breweries are numbered and their locations can be identified on the map. By Rich Wagner. Breweries featured. $15 plus $5.00 shipping. (20” x 30”)

·         PHILADELPHIA BREWERY DIRECTORY (PBD) – Contains 75 brewery ads from the 19th and early 20th centuries. By Rich Wagner. Ads from these breweries featured. $15.00 + $5.00 shipping and handling. (22.5” x 34.5”)

·         BREWERYTOWN PHILADELPHIA (BP) contains a street grid and orthopanic views of brewery complexes from insurance surveys. Includes summaries of each brewery. By Rich Dochter. List of breweries featured. $15 + $5.00 shipping and handling. (20” x 25”)

·         BREWERY ARCHITECTURE IN PENNSYLVANIA (BAPA) is a collage featuring fifty brewery buildings photographed from 1980 to 1987. By Rich Wagner. List of the breweries featured. $15.00, $5.00 shipping and handling. (20” x 25”)

·         THE FINE ART OF HANDCRAFTED BEERS This beautiful color collage of craft brewery labels from the early 1990s amounts to a vintage label collection. Limited quantity available. 24” x 38” $20. 00 plus $10.00 shipping.


·        PHILADELPHIA BEER - By Rich Wagner (History Press 2012, 158 pp.). An examination of Philadelphia's rich brewing heritage from 1685-2012. Well illustrated, includes color images. ($20.00 plus $5.00 shipping)

$20.00 Each

Add $5.00 for Shipping and Handling (up to 2 books)

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·       Out of Print GUIDEBOOK TO THE SOUTH-CENTRAL PA BREWERY TOUR - By Rich Wagner, 1997 (160 pp.). Covers the region from Reading to Harrisburg and everything in between. Includes breweries old and new. Contains historical pictures, advertisements, newspaper stories and more.

·         GUIDEBOOK TO THE PHILADELPHIA BREWERY TOUR - By Rich Wagner, 2010, (94 pp.). All new format published especially for the Breweriana Collectors Club of America Convention (BCCA) which sponsored the 18th tour September 8, 2010. Describes all standing brewery buildings, some which have never been destinations on previous tours as well as some that were destinations but have since been torn down. Current craft breweries and brewpubs are listed. Includes background information on the breweries and is designed so the reader can design their own tour and visit selected locations. It includes reprints from Rich's articles that appeared in American Breweriana Journal, E.C.B.A.'s the KEG, Ale Street News and Mid-Atlantic Brewing News.


Click on cover to see table of contents.


·         Out of Print PITTSBURGH BREWERY TOUR - By Rich Wagner, 1994, Fourth Edition (104 pp.). Includes Sharpesburg and Mount Oliver, Pittsburgh's north and south sides. Views of breweries, stories and ads.

·         Out of Print LUZERNE LACKAWANA BREWERY TOUR - By Rich Wagner, 1995, Third Edition (130 pp.). The story of brewing in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties.

·         Out of Print LEHIGH VALLEY BREWERY TOUR - By Rich Wagner, 1996, Second Edition (108 pp.). Includes Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Christian Springs, Emmaus, Catasaqua, Northampton, and Foglesville.


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$10.00 each (plus $3 shipping and handling)

SAVE SHIPPING: $10.00 Adobe PDF file sent directly to your e-mail address

·         Craft Brewing in Philadelphia 1985-2005 contains transcriptions of everything written on the subject from a variety of sources including The Inquirer, Daily News, Mid-Atlantic Brewing News, Ale Street News and the “beerbloids” that preceded them (Barleycorn, Bay Schooner, Philadelphia Beer, and Beer and Tavern Chronicle). (200 pages)

·         Philadelphia Breweries During Prohibition contains transcriptions of newspaper articles written between 1920-1933 about breweries in Philadelphia: raids, court cases, counter-suits, etc. (200 pages)


$15.00 Each

$5.00 Each

All shirts are 50/50, $2.00 for Shipping and Handling













·         LACKWANNA-LUZERNE TOUR SHIRT - By Rich Dochter. Front shows Keystone Brewery (Dunmore) logo, back shows Pennsylvania Central Brewery departments. Available in XL only.


$5.00 Each

$2.00 Shipping and Handling







 ·         PITTSBURGH TOUR SHIRT - By Rich Dochter. Front shows Eberhardt & Ober Brewery logo. Available in Medium only.



Notecards $10.00 / pack, Postcards $5.00 / pack

Shipping and Handling Included



·         NEUWEILER'S POSTCARDS - By Rich Wagner, 1981. 4" x 5" Postcard. Abstract half-toned view looking upward seven stories from basement of brew house. Contains 5 postcards.


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