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PowerPoint Presentations

 The Beers, Breweries and Breweriana of Bethlehem, PA

 The Beers, Breweries and Breweriana of Easton, PA

 Beers and Breweries of Colonial Philadelphia

 The Beers, Breweries and Breweriana of Shamokin, PA.

 The Breweries of Brewerytown and Vicinity

 The Breweries of Kensington, Frankford and Bridesburg

 Breweries of the Northern Liberties

 Breweries of Reading

 Breweries Reincarnated as Breweries

 Breweries of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River

 Breweries on the Schuylkill (Philadelphia to Pottsville)

 Brewery Preservation in North America

 Brewing the 18th Century Way

 Brewing in Lebanon, Pennsylvania’s Other Iron City

Brewing in Northampton, PA

 Chronology of Technology of Philadelphia’s Brewing Industry (1685-1987)

 Colonial Brews

 Craft Brewing in North America; A Twenty Year Retrospective.

 Craft Brewing in Philadelphia; Past, Present and Future (1986-??)

 Early Brewing in Philadelphia (17th and 18th centuries)

 Early Taverns in Philadelphia

 Historic Breweries of Montgomery County

 Historic Breweries of Reading and Berks County

 Historic Breweries of Williamsport, PA

 Lager Origins in Philadelphia

 Neons of North America’s Craft Breweries

 Ortlieb's, Brewers By Birth Since 1869 (1869-1981)

 Otto C. Wolf, Philadelphia’s Preeminent Brewery Architect and Engineer

 Philadelphia Breweries After Repeal… And Then There Were None

 Philadelphia Breweries During Prohibition (1920-1933)

 The Philadelphia Brewery Tour Revisited (includes video clips)

 Philadelphia Brewing Company Now and Then

 Philadelphia – One Big Brewerytown

 Philadelphia’s Breweries on the Schuylkill

 Philadelphia’s Brewery Architects and Engineers

 Philadelphia’s Early Taverns and the Drinks They Served

 Reincarnated Breweries in the U.S.A.

The Rise and Fall of Schmidt's of Philadelphia (1860-1987)

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