Success Stories:

Bube's Brewery

This picture was taken back in the summer of 1983 of Sam Allen showing an old steam boiler that used to fire Bube's Brewery 100 years ago. Sam has always dreamed of brewing beer again at this location and it would appear that Bube's is in line to become Pennsylvania's newest brewpub. Visit their website at or check Ale Street News, Oct./Nov. 2001 for an article by Phil Clarke, Jr. on the latest news. For historical information on Bube's Brewery, read my article from Zymurgy, Spring 1984.


I was on hand for the long-awaited opening of Bube's Brewpub Wednesday, November 28, 2001. Pictured at left is the 3.5 barrel brewing system that was installed. Center: Invited guests in the beer garden enjoy unseasonable warmth as they await Sam's raffle which included assorted Bube's merchandise and a chance to be the first customer to purchase Bube's beer, marking the official opening of Bube's as a brewpub. Right: from l to r: Jan, Sam's wife helped draw the raffle tickets, Sam Allen waxes philosophic while proposing a toast, and brewer Dan Joyce enjoys the festivities with some of his Red Ale in hand. See The Brews Brothers article entitled "Bube's Once and Future Brewery" in Dec./Jan. 2001. Mid-Atlantic Brewing News.

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