Lehigh Valley Brewery Tour

We've only conducted one Lehigh Tour. Several craft breweries have opened and some have closed since then. The tour was sponsored by the Lehigh County Historical Society. In conjunction with the E.C.B.A. and the B.C.C.A. Horlacher Chapter, the Historical Society ran a "Taste of History" exhibit which ran through the summer and showcased the best Lehigh Valley breweriana the local collectors had to offer. See the Fall 1991 issue of The Keg, Quarterly Newsletter of the E.C.B.A. for pictures and article. Click here for my ABA Journal story about our tours.

The Daeufer-Lieberman brewery is shown in 1991 at left and 2001 at right. The front has gotten a stucco face and it looks like it might be inhabited.

Charlie Lieberman actually worked in several of these breweries and spoke from experience at the Horlacher site. To read an interview with Charlie, click here. On the right is the Northampton brewery. The building behind the tour bus was the bottle shop and was recently torn down to make a parking lot for a church. See Future Projects: Northampton Brewery.

The entrance to the office of the Neuweiler brewery. See Future Projects: Neuweiler

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