South-Central PA Brewery Tour

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Lancaster Malt Brewing Co. hosted the E.C.B.A. Convention in 1997. These two pics are reprinted from The Keg, Spring, 1997. See pics from the convention in the Fall 1997 issue. Lancaster Malt is still in business after some really tough times.

Unfortunately Reading has been a tough town for craft breweries. Pretzel City made some of the best beers in PA but went out of business less than a year after our tour. We visited the Camelot Brewing Co. while it was under construction, it lasted less than a year. Reading's other brewpub was Neversink, which closed, but is rumored to be opening in its third incarnation.

Appalachian Brewing Company was the last stop on the tour. This microbrewery/brewpub is going great and has recently entered the Philadelphia market.

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