Audio and Video Files:

·         Engel & Wolf's brewery at Fountain Green

·         Bergdoll Brewery

·         Bergdoll workers' houses on Newkirk St.

·         Lager Beer Vaults in and near Fairmount Park

·         See the latest videos from “The Philadelphia Brewery Tour Revistited” on YouTube.

·         Stephen Metzger's film Philly Pale Ale.

·         Hear radio interviews with former workers and ads from Sunshine and Reading breweries.

· Philadelphia’s Early Taverns and the Beers They Served.” Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

·  “Creatively Speaking” (Temple University radio WRTI 90.1 FM) is a 30 minute program, Rich's interview is the third of four seven minute segments. Creatively Speaking December 13, 2009. Tom Keels on Brewing in Philadelphia, past and present.

·  Sue Henry's 47 minute documentary: Beer Gardening in Northeastern PA” aired on WILK 980 AM in October 2007. The show includes interviews with Rich Wagner, who drove around for a day showing Sue some of the old breweries of the Wyoming Valley, Wilkes-Barre and Scranton. Also included is her tour with the Lion Brewery's Leo Orlandini and a visit with local breweriana collector Al Kogoy in his basement brewery musuem. Al supplied some vintage radio ads dating back to the fifties and sixties from the region's breweries.

·         Hear Radio Rick Spector interviewing Rich Wagner on The Philadelphia Brewery Tour Revisited, aired on the Milestones Radio Show, July 29, 2006 on 1340 AM WHAT Philadelphia!

Philadelphia Brewery Tour 1 (May, 1987)

Philadelphia Brewery Tour (Summer 1994) - Samuel Adams Brew House

Philadelphia Brewery Tout 7 (April 2008)

Philadelphia Brewery Tour (Fall 1996)

Philadelphia Brewery Tours (Fall 1997)

Colonial Brewing Demonstration Now on YouTube:

Writer/Film maker Jeff Linkous created a video entitled Ancestral Ale – Brewing in Colonial America from the Rich's colonial brewing demonstration at the Camden County Historical Society last fall. Check out his blog: