The Observer December 1990

And Now there are Five- Brewpub Review

By Rich Wagner

PHILADELPHIA- Four years ago, Jeffery Ware dreamed of opening his own brewery. He began by contracting with F.X. Matt B.C. in Utica, NY. They produced the now famous Dock Street Amber Beer which became so popular that Ware was able to raise the needed capital to realize his dream.

On October 25, the Dock Street Brewing Company's restaurant and pub held a bash the likes of which this city hasn’t seen for decades to celebrate the establishment's opening.

Since then the growing number of regular patrons have been celebrating Dock Street's beers, including a pilsner, weiss, dunkel, pale ale and brown ale. Ware plans to eventually have five to six beers on tap on a regular basis.

The weiss and pilsner beers have been the crowd-pleasers so far, although the brewery has run out of the dunkel and brown ale on occasion.

Ware has noticed that the businessmen who come in for lunch have been attracted to the brown ale which is advertised as being low in alcohol (who knows, we may be seeing the advent of the "one-ale lunch").

In addition there are plans to offer a bock beer this month as well as a holiday specialty beer for the winter and perhaps a "helles" or light beer sometime in the future.

The heart of the establishment of course, is the brewery, which is visible through a glass partition as you enter through the front door. Brewer Will Kemper has years of experience in the "microbrewery industry" and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the brewing craft. Kemper has brewed in Washington state, and his beer reflect a Pacific Northwest flavor.

Patrons of Dock Street can also feast on a variety of culinary delights from all the great beer producing countries of the world, and then some. Menu items range from African Three-Bean Salad to Trinidad Seafood Curry to Grilled Skewered Lamb.

The most popular food so far has been the "Trio Fries," which consists of shoestring-style fried potatoes, sweet potatoes and leeks.

Dock Street is the fifth specialty brewery to open in Pennsylvania, all of which are among the finest in the nation. Here's toasting to their successes, let there be many more!