Using American Breweries II to Date Bottles

On Sunday, March 17, 2002 there was an antique bottle show at the Tylersport (PA) Fire Hall. Tod Von Mechow gave me the bottle at left, which he dug. The most unusual thing about this bottle for me is the "Brewery and Saloon" embossment. This verifies the notion that brewpubs are nothing new! Lets examine what American Breweries II can tell us about these three bottles. What's interesting is that we can date them precisely based on the company name.


PA 516a John Daercher 1441 N. 10th St. 1859-1860

PA 516b Ferdinand Naudascher 1872-1876

PA 516c Jos. Straubmuller 1877-1880

PA 516d Ferdinand Seemann 1880-1882

PA 516e Fleisch & Maier 1882-1884

PA 516f August Hess 1884-1890


At a recent bottle show in Baltimore I picked up this John Roehm (PA 598) bottle. The brewery was located a block away from Ortlieb's and reopened after Prohibition as the Erlanger B.C. John Roehm owned several breweries in the city and was a partner in the Consumer's B.C. which was a syndicate of six Philadelphia breweries. You can see that the brewery was called John Roehm and listed at this address for nine years.



PA 598a Anton Stroebele 849 N. 4th & 856 N. Charlotte St. 1870-1888

PA 598b John Roehm 849/51 N. 4th & 856 N. Charlotte St. 1888-1897

PA 598c Consumers B.C., John Roehm Brewery 1897-1903

PA 598d Consumers B.C., Roehm & Spaeth 1903-1904

PA 598e Consumers B.C., North Plant 1904-1909

PA 598f Henry Hess B.C. 1909-1912

PA 598g Premier B.C. 1913-1920

PA 598h Trainer B.C. 844/54 N. Orianna St. (Charlotte renamed) 1933-1937

PA 598i Otto Erlanger B.C. 1937-1951


At a Brewery collectables show at Merchant Square in February I picked up this "Golden Eagle Brewery" (PA 478) bottle- a Philadelphia brewery I had never heard of! It was dug along Ridge Road outside of Sellersville, PA. It's in American Breweries II however, and was known as Golden Eagle B.C. for a nine year period from 1892-1903. Note that it was last owned by John Roehm at Broad and Cumberland Sts.



PA 478a Christian Klopfer 2427/33 North Broad St. 1878-1885

PA 478b Broad Street Park B.C. aka Ritter & Funk 1885-1888

PA 478c Broad Street Park B.C. aka Gottlieb H Reitter 1889-1891

PA 478d Charles H. Schwerdfeger aka Golden Eagle B.C. 1892-1903

PA 478e John Roehm B.C. 2433 N. Broad & Cumberland Sts. 1903-1920