SIA Newsletter (Society of Industrial Archeology) Fall/Winter 1984

Summer Suds Studies Become Industrial Archeology Project

Two young Pennsylvanians who, a few years ago, decided to tour breweries have found their informal vacation activity developing into an ongoing inventory of the Keystone State's brewery sites. By the end of their second summer, Rich Wagner and Rich Dochter had documented over 60 standing brewery buildings and had begun more serious IA-oriented documentary work with county title searches and industrial atalas investigations. The state supported over 715 breweries throughout its history but only eight remain in operation. Today the two Riches report visiting and photographing some 135 buildings and sites. They also have begun publishing informal articles about the firms whos complexes they have seen and researched. To learn more visit their website

Note: This article was modified from the original which contained contact information which has been replaced with current website address.

Photos of Neuweiler (Allentown), Bergdoll (Philadelphia), Scheidt (Norristown), Yuengling (Pottsville) and Dubois breweries accompanied the article.