the KEG (Eastern Coast Breweriana Association) Summer 2012

ECBA Library – By Larry Handy, ECBA Librarian

New Titles

Philadelphia Beer (History Press)

By Rich Wagner

The newest addition to the History Press series of US brewing cities, Philadelphia Beer is authored by ECBA member, long-time PA brewery history authority Rich Wagner. The 160 page format used by History Press permits barely an overview of the history of Philadelphia breweries, a world-class brewing center since the colonial era. The book has black & white illustrations throughout, and a color section, which presents some great breweriana. While covering each epoch of brewing history, beginning with colonial times, the industrial revolution, prohibition, post-war decline and today's craft brewing scene, the book is like a Philly Beer appetizer, leaving you wanting more. Author, Wagner has done a great job presenting the tale of a great brewing city, within the limited book format, we will hope that this is a preview of the “coffee table” version.