BCCA Brewery Collectables Club of America




Fall Newsletter 2010


CANvention 40 is in the record books!


Hopefully many of you had a chance to attend CANvention 40 in Valley Forge, PA.  It was another well-attended CANvention providing many opportunities for collectors to acquire new items for their collections, to socialize, and to have lots of fun!


Along with about 20 like-minded history buffs, I thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday’s Historic Philadelphia Breweries Tour.  Larry Handy #947 and tour guide Rich Wagner #33584 should highly commended for putting it together. It was absolutely great to see so many breweries, including the notable breweries of Ortlieb’s, Gretz, Esslinger, Class & Nachod, and Adam ScheidtWOW!  


Another highlight of CANvention 40 was the Jersey Shore Chapter’s Friday night theme party.  The theme was Beer Characters!  It is very clear that BCCA members are creative and enthusiastic, while continuing to have fun enjoying our hobby.  Enjoyment is  why most of us are in this hobby, right?  If it the fun goes away, then so do the collectors. 


Anyway, many BCCA members went “all out” getting into their favorite beer character’s image.  The level of detail in some of the costumes was amazing. Hopefully you will see many photos of this event in the BCCA magazine.  My personal favorite was Don Kaiser #4604 as the Drewry’s man. 


Newsletter & Website Contest Winners announced

at CANvention’s General Business Meeting!


If you sent your Chapter’s Newsletter to either me or to the BCCA Office, your chapter was entered into the Newsletter Contest announced in January 2010. 


In addition, if your chapter has a website that is noted in either the BCCA roster or on the BCCA’s website, then your chapter’s website was automatically considered. There are no other prerequisites for either contest. 


The BCCA has conducted these two contests for many years simply to try and create some fun and generate interest in Chapter publications and Websites.  The prizes are modest and are tokens of appreciation from the BCCA to say “thanks” to the many BCCAers promoting their chapters, the BCCA, and the hobby.


The small chapter newsletter winners were:


  1st place:   National Pop Can Collectors Can-O-Gram

  2nd place:  Grand Prize Guzzler

  3rd place:   South Central Indiana Brewers Heartland News


The large chapter newsletter winners were:


  1st place:   Columbine Brewgle

  2nd place:  CBCC Craft Chatter

  3rd place:   A-1 Can-O-Gram


The Website contest winners were:


  1st place:   Packer Chapter

  2nd place:  CAN-ecticut Red Fox

  3rd place:   Gator Traders


In all three contests, very few points separated the top ten contestants.  With a larger pool of volunteer judges, perhaps the results may have been different.  In addition to providing scores, the judges also provided feedback on the judging criterion. 


It is clear the BCCA must revamp some of the contest criteria to more accurately rate newsletters and websites and their relevance to hobbyists in the 21st century.  The scoring criterions have been around awhile and will be reviewed for relevance to current standards and expectations. 


Another contest sponsored by the BCCA is the “Chapter Challenge” contest.  This contest awards a 1st and 2nd prize to the chapters that sign-up the most new BCCA members.  Again, there are no special requirements to participate and there is nothing fancy about the contest. 


As membership applications are processed by the Fenton office throughout the year, a log is maintained to keep track of new members sponsored by chapters.  Just before CANvention, the numbers are totaled and the top two winners are announced the CANvention’s General Business Meeting.


Recently, the prizes have been desirable beer cans acquired by the BCCA Vice-President.  The previous have awarded and then usually converted to cash for the chapters treasury via their show raffle or eBay.  This year, your VP decided to simply award cash commensurate with previous prizes. 


  1st Place $150 Jersey Shore Chapter (13 sponsored members)

  2nd Place $ 75 Keystone Chapter (6 sponsored members)


Overall, 51 new members were sponsored by BCCA Chapters!  It’s no secret that new members are essential to the BCCA’s future.  Indeed, new faces and new interest are essential keeping the entire hobby growing!   For 2011, your new V.P., Bill Boyles, will be looking for ways to improve this annual contest.  



Thanks and happy collecting!   


Peter Cornils #28293


Vice-President 2009-2010