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Possible Projects:

Kaier's Brewery

One of the more unlikely candidates for preservation is the old Kaier's brewery in Mahanoy City. this photograph was taken by Rich Dochter in June, 1986 and shows a view similar to many old breweries where large tanks and equipment were removed after closure. For a view through the wall from the upper floor, check out our Kaiers notecard. There has been talk of someone interested in starting up a brewpub in part of the complex but we have nothing to substantiate this. You can visit the Kaier's website at The Kaier's mansion is located at 729 E. Centre Street and is a bed and breakfast.

November 14, 2014, the Republican & Herald of Pottsville reported that grants had been obtained to finance the demolition of the brewery to make way for a park.

Other Possible Projects:

The Goundie House in Bethlehem

Save the Neuweiler Brewery

Archaeology: Christian Springs Brewery