Possible Projects:

The Goundie House in Bethlehem

In December, 2000 I heard that Historic Bethlehem was interested in interpreting the brewing process in the basement of the Goundie House (PA 39) on Main Street. John Sebastion Goundie commenced brewing here in 1803. Historic Bethlehem has ambitious plans to develop a number of sites (butcher shop, tannery, etc.). When I drove up to Bethlehem to talk with the architect he showed me around and I photographed the progress they had made. The best case scenario is that after they strip everything down they will determine how Goundie used the space and they will furnish it with all the necessary equipment for brewing the old fashioned way. I'm very interested to see how this project pans out.

Other Possible Projects:

The Goundie House in Bethlehem

Save the Neuweiler Brewery

Archaeology: Christian Springs Brewery

Kaier's Brewery, Mahanoy City