Success Stories:

Class And Nachod

Located on Temple's campus at 10th and Montgomery streets is the old Class and Nachod Brewery. Visible from the Septa commuter line, riders can still make out "Class and Nachod: Home of Black Eagle Beer" on the side of the building, just south of the Temple University stop. In May, I was taking a visitor from Bavaria on a personalized Philadelphia brewery tour. What should we find but workers cleaning up the beautiful marble carvings around the doorway. Temple has converted the building into a dormatory. The bottom floor is already occupied and workers were finishing the upper floors. This is another premier success in brewery building preservation. I've always wondered about the faces, Medusa on the left and the lion on the right. Peter remarked that in the old country, buildings had guardians or protectors depicted near the entrance. I know the Pittsburgh Brewing Company has the face of its "guardian angel" near the entrance to the office. So maybe the lion and Medusa were meant to protect the brewery from evil spirits. Unfortunately, they couldn't protect the brewery from national prohibition, which lasted from 1920 until 1933, a time when this brewery was particularly active.

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